The Super Life Shuffle
By DeAnna Kane

I remember growing up in Chicago during the ’85 Super Bowl victory of my beloved Bears football team. Not only was it a momentous year in victory, it was especially endearing to me because my father and I traveled to every away game that year, scalped for tickets, and got to see each victory on the road, and the one loss with the Minnesota Vikings. Sometimes we would head out the morning of the game, get to the airport, and just sit back waiting to see if we would get on a flight.

You see in those days, we could fly standby with little hassles. No long lines in security checks, and no massive bag checks that triggered intense searches for anything suspicious. Flights were fairly open, and there were often seats available to those who were employees and needed a standby seat. My mother dedicated 16 years to the airlines, and we enjoyed the perks as much as possible.

During the victorious time of Super Bowl ’85, the Bears players put together this crazy little song called, “The Super Bowl Shuffle.” It was catchy, innovative for an NFL team, and we Chicagoans ate it up. Not one high school student, NFL fan or not, could be caught without humming a few bars here and there. The Super Bowl Shuffle was a grand success! Life seemed simple. Life seemed perfect – but not without flaws. We didn’t have technology that distracted us from daily obligations. We didn’t have safety issues when traveling, as it was pre-911. Our children ran around in the streets and hung out at parks with water hoses.

It was a time when we were not ashamed of the music we heard, the T.V. programming we watched, and the God we praised. We had little fear of persecution. At least, little fear from the persecution that we see today as reports spread around the world of Christian oppression and intolerance. It was a time of simplicity.

Yes, our world sure has changed. Not all for the bad, but not all for the good. We have entered into a Super Life Shuffle. A world where we shuffle schedules to cram more into our day, our heads are down into our electronics, and we’ve lost sight of the art of conversation. We shuffle past people on the sidewalks, or in the stores, not ever offering a smile or kind ‘hello.’ We shuffle through conversations and avoid trying delving into issues that make us uncomfortable…controversial topics that cause a rise in emotions, and a fear of retribution and being labeled.

Because for some reason, many have lost the ability of civil debate. It has become a thing of the past as emotions and self-righteousness becomes more prevalent. This year at ASCEND, we hope to change that way of thinking, and encourage each woman to be courageous in her faith. We encourage you to be courageous in your ability to engage in civil debate and talk about the hard subjects. I stole a saying from someone, and I SO apologize for not remembering who, but when Jesus comes back, “He isn’t coming back to take sides, He’s coming back to take over.” Be courageous in praise and know that He is also coming back for you!

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