Deborah Sings

By Deborah Keener

I’m honored to share my SUDDENLY during the ASCEND Conference 2015 as Brenda Epperson took my hand and pulled me up on stage to sing unrehearsed Worship songs as Lisa Osteen Comes, Suzi Wehba, Kathleen Cooke and Brenda were laying on hands praying restoration and healing over the numerous women who came forward (Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”)


At the age of three I fell out of the backseat of the car my mother was driving. My body hit the ground as my brother Deakon screamed, “Mom, Debby just fell out of the car.” Before she fully realized what was happening she felt the tires roll over me. She stopped and ran to see me lying on my back with dirty tire tracks over the top of my legs and knees.

We rushed to hospital. Mom was wailing in her heavenly prayer language with an occasional, “Heal her now, in the Name of Jesus.” I often was afraid when my Mom yelled at me, but somehow, her yelling at God made me feel comforted. Upon arrival, the doctors examined, X-rayed and kept asking if my legs hurt. The only thing that hurt was the bump on the back of my head when they touched it. Two hours later they held me up to see if I could walk on my swollen legs. Yes! That day, I walked out of the hospital into my future of believing in Miracles as through the years my family shared the SUDDENLY God gave me. Jeremiah29:11 is true, He wants to give us all “a FUTURE and a HOPE.”

At thirteen I was singing on radio and was never shy or nervous. My parents realized God had given me a gift to sing and the confidence to step into my ministry. The Lord already knew by the time I turned thirty I would fulfill my opportunity to minister to millions of people experiencing a lifetime of SUDDENLY’S.

THE INJURY: I am blessed with three remarkable daughters. Two months before the ASCEND Conference, my youngest Alexandra, and I took birthday balloons to my disabled daughter, Hilly. As we approached her wheelchair, she excitedly lunged forward striking my neck with her arm in a Karate style hit that snapped my head backwards. I almost passed out. It was my fault because I knew her movements, when excited, are unpredictable. Hilly had no idea what transpired and seemed delighted with her balloons.

DIAGNOSIS: Six weeks and five doctors later my body and voice deteriorated. The lab results and tests revealed bruised larynx and exploded Thyroid, which inhibited my Pituitary gland to regulate my body. Extreme palpitations put me at “High risk for stroke or heart attack”. The painful swallowing and bulge outside my neck were almost unbearable. I only could whisper.


Psalm 31:24 “Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who HOPE in the Lord”

The doctors were not offering much hope. As I prepared for bed, feeling doom and despair, I phoned Lani Riches and whispered, “Please pray for me.” She reminded me how I prayed twenty years ago for her “IN THE NAME OF JESUS OF NAZARETH” and God healed her. She prayed. I sensed the presence of Angels. I placed both hands on my throat and neck and simply whispered; “Heavenly Father, you have healed me several times in my life and here I am again. Please, heal me now. I will glorify you. I believe and receive my miracle in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth.” I felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit flow throughout my entire body. I fell asleep.


I woke at 3:00 AM. On the way to my bathroom I realized I didn’t have stabbing pains when I swallowed. I looked in the mirror. The swelling was COMPLETELY gone! Instinctively I praised, ”I am healed. Thank you Jesus!” My daughter Christina came out of her room asking if I were calling her. I said, “Look, I AM HEALED.” She was in shock. “Mom, you are speaking in FULL voice.” After weeping, praying and thanking the Lord, we returned to sleep.

Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

The ringing of the phone woke me. My doctor’s voice heavy with concern, explained results from my Lab work reflected “DANGEROUS LEVELS.” He advised me to go immediately to the Endocrinologist. The Lord gave me courage to say, “I know this is probably going to sound odd to you, but I am a woman of Faith and last night I believe Jesus healed me” I proceeded to share all details and repeated the exact prayer. When I finished he paused and said, “Very interesting”. Before we hung up he made me promise I would go to the specialist anyway to test possible change. I said yes, because it will give proof of my miracle. I now have evidence!

Psalm 37:23 “The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him.”

Two weeks later ASCEND arrived and thankfully my speaking voice was intact so I could volunteer to help with the special guests backstage. The powerful altar call lingered as women flooded forward. That is when Brenda started leading me up to sing. But I had a big problem NO ONE KNEW, except my daughters. My healing restored my speaking voice, but every time I tried to sing at home, I couldn’t make it through a song without my vocal chords giving out. As we reached the bottom of the stage, I experienced a fear I have never known as a performer and minister. ”Oh no, I am going to embarrass myself.” SUDDENLY I felt the arms of Jesus pulling me up the stairs and whispering in my spirit, “Give Me the glory.” Wow! It wasn’t about me it was about HIM. With the microphone in my hand the anointing swept over me. I sang continuously until everyone received prayers. TO GOD BE THE GLORY

Blessings and Love, Deborah (Debby) Keener

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