New Year’s Resolutions or Restrictions?
By DeAnna Kane
It’s a new year, and this is the time when new resolutions are made. Energetic newbies make their way to the store and buy a brand-new calendar/planner, and start writing down their goals and aspirations. Some usual suspects make the list such as lose weight, get a better job, make more money. Some may put on their list to be a more patient parent, be a better spouse, volunteer at the local food bank, or find a charitable organization to be involved in.
I am a list-maker. I love making lists, so I am one of those newbies that absolutely loves to get my new planner and start filling in my goals, benchmark dates on when I want to accomplish things. I think goals are great. I think writing them down is even better. I think it gives us a sense of accountability, if to no one else but ourselves, when we flip through the pages and see something we aspired to complete.
But what happens when we don’t meet those goals? What happens when we fail to complete our desired tasks? Do these resolutions now become restrictions on our ability to accomplish goals?
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust the Lord with all your heart, and don’t depend on your own understanding. Remember the Lord in all you do, and he will give you success
I love this verse because it always reminds me that everything I do, and all that I am is from and for God. This does not give me a reason not to try, however it does give me peace in knowing that if I do not accomplish some of my goals, it may not have been in God’s plan for me. I know that I will always be successful when I remember the Lord in all I do, because it is pleasing to Him when we work for His glory.
Write down those goals. Work hard to make them come true. But also give yourself a break and do not be discouraged if you fail to meet them. Always give your best praise to God when you meet your goals, or even if you don’t meet them, because where one door closes, another one opens. Always be praise-filled and excited about what new things God is going to do in your life.
Happy 2018!

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