By Brenda Epperson-Moore

While on the phone the other night with my mom she said, “Remember Brenda!? Remember when you were a little girl how much you loved Disneyland?” I said, “yes.”  My mom then said, “Remember how when you were approximately 5 years old, anyone who walked in the door, you would run up to them, grab their hand, lead them over to the couch, and open your Disneyland scrape book and show them all your pictures and memories of Disneyland?”  Then my mom said something that struck my heart directly, she said, “Anyone who knew you, knew Disneyland.”

I thought wow!  How poignant is that!  What if our lives reflected that excitement and enthusiasm, so much so that anyone who knows you and me, would know Jesus Christ.  I believe that’s how our faith should be. Filled with excitement. A memory book filled with memories, of all the things God has done for us that we constantly share with others.

This New Year 2017, let’s take time to remember what Jesus has done for each of us. Write it down, or put it in a memory book, and share the goodness, love, excitement and miracles with others so that they will know our father in heaven just by knowing you!

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