By DeAnna Kane

The world is in a drought. California is reporting low precipitation and is on high alert for water conservation for the fourth year in a row. Bees, which pollinate roughly 1/3 of our crops, are dying. Within the next ten years nations are looking at a decline in natural resources in gas, copper, and zinc. Many will attribute the decline in natural resources to global warming, or over population. I believe the truth is it’s a faith driven drought.  The people have turned away from their faith, and the Lord has removed his blessings on our once great nation causing a drought.

So what does this decline in resources mean for the human race?  Time will surely tell, but faith tells me that we will press on. Not because we will “figure a way out” of the drought, but because “if our God is for us, then who can be against us,” Romans 8:31? Just as an entire orchard can be birthed from one apple, faith can bloom from the smallest of mustard seeds. But the seeds need to be planted. We need to kneel down on the ground, sink our hands in the dirt, and get to work. And then the most important part, the seeds need to be watered.

ASCEND was birthed with a single command from God, “Water my people.” It is no surprise that nations are failing in this drought. Jesus states that, “Whoever drinks of the water I give him shall never thirst,” John 4:14. The nations are seeking the wrong type of water. They drink from a bitter cup of greed, rape, and murder.

We are seeing amazing works from organizations such as Museum of the Bible creating a haven for those to learn more about God’s word. The entertainment industry is producing amazing films such as War Room, Ninety Minutes in Heaven, and Captive – films based on true stories and efforts to bring people back to the foundations of our risen savior. There are mustard seeds all around us in music, entertainment, politics, schools, art, history…we just need to give it the right kind of water.

“Water my people.”

Only when our knees hit the ground will we STAND and touch the sky.

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