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By Maryann Ehmann

It’s almost cliché to say “Dream Big!” Maybe we even turn off because it sounds like hype or just plain worldly, just something you see on a bumper sticker. But Ephesians 3:20 tells us to not only “Dream Big”, but to live a life beyond our dreams, by God’s power, which is actively at work within us!

To dream big is one thing. But to live a life beyond our dreams? What does that even look like? How does one go beyond the imagination?

By following the Lord in all things. He has ideas for us that are off the charts. He has amazing adventures, exciting journeys, and strong exploits in store for us. And I have discovered, they are things that will delight our souls. He knows who we are and what we are best suited for.

I used to worry that if I followed the Lord in complete abandon, then He would put me in the middle of the bush, eating wild bugs and creepy worms, with nothing but a thatched roof over my head. I know there are people out there who love to serve in that way! But, I would beg, “Please, Lord… can you give me something else to do?”

Well, worrying about that was such a waste of time. The older I get, the more I love to live free to follow His direction, wherever it leads. I have seen nothing but goodness, which in this world, is something beyond our imagination. But I also notice that we have a choice and must have eyes to see. We can see a life of despair, troubles and trials, and there are many indeed, or we can see possibilities and life beyond our dreams.

Joining the Ascend Women is one of those “beyond” adventures. Speaking in a small panel discussion about a year ago, little did I know this intriguing woman, Kathleen Cooke, would be sitting in the audience. After several attempts to get together, we finally found each other. Besides being beautiful and brilliant, she was full of love for the Lord and His people. I was moved by her life. This “chance” encounter would lead to an invitation to join the Ascend Conference.

I have found God is always orchestrating divine set ups, and they are supremely delightful. This is called Favor! And each of us has an infinite supply of this magnificent gift. I just want to express extreme gratitude for His favor in meeting the Women of Ascend. May you all flow freely in the favor He has given you. Come October 3, 2015 and experience His favor as we STAND together!

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